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Fuel 'could rise' to 8 a gallon

Increased taxes and rising crude oil prices could soon push the price of fuel to as much as 8 a gallon, a motoring group has warned.

Transport Minister: New de-icer is better than salt on roads but costs 12 times more

A LIQUID that can keep open roads covered with snow and ice in temperatures as low as -20C is to be used in Scotland.

F1 team may go public

The driving force behind Grove Formula One team Williams F1 is considering floating the business on the stock market.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bristol Evening Post

  • Airport tries out plan for wind turbineA WIND turbine has been installed at Bristol Airport to try out the use of renewable energy. It is located on the approach road to the terminal building and began providing wind power earlier this month. Although it is about 60ft high, the turbine is shorter than lighting masts on the airfield and therefore there is no danger of interference with radar and airport safety systems. Wind turbine specialists, Aeolus Power Wind Energy, based in South Gloucestershire, ran the project from site survey to installation. The South West Regional Development Agency provided 39,000 to pay for the project...

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